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I am A Real Man!

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Author's Preamble:

The purpose of this piece is to dispel some myths, open some eyes, and open some minds. It is not my intention to offend anyone. However, if someone is offended, it is probably because they have a closed mind.

"A Closed Mind is a terrible waste of space”, by Robert Blum.

The Myths

“Blue is for Boys, and Pink is for Girls” are myths created by someone to enforce their misguided gender ideals. They are a bunch of horse puckey! The myth that only men wear pants is another myth created by some idiot that had ideas that had no basis in reality. In fact, pants were created by the Persians to avoid getting their legs chafed while on horseback. Free-flowing robes and tunics are as ancient as civilization, but pants are only about three or four thousand years old and were created by nomadic horse-riding people for obvious and practical reasons. The Chinese are also credited with creating pants for their working-class men and women to keep their legs warm in the winter. In those days, real men wore tunics, now called dresses.

I am a Real Man

I am a "Real Man" because I can rebuild a car engine, tune a car by ear, and mow a lawn with a push mower. I am also a "Real Man" because I can use a chainsaw, fall trees, and split wood with the best. I can out-grill and out-smoke anyone because I am a "Real Man."

However, I cook, garden, and use a computer, and I am still a "Real Man." I also wear pink because only a "Real Man" would wear pink. Because only a "Real Man" would have the strength, intestinal fortitude, and courage to wear pink!

I get a feeling of pride and a warm feeling in my heart when I see boys, teens, and men of all ages wearing pink!

I am Gay, and I am still a "Real Man." I am a "Real Man" because I can show caring and compassion for others and hold my head up high. I am also a "Real Man" because I live my life how I want, not letting others force their choices and desires on me. I don't wear kilts because I haven't found the correct Tartan.

I am a "Real Man" because I have the courage to be me!

* * *

Author’s Note:

Here is another short piece of my creative mind. This piece was written mostly tongue-in-cheek, however, I was trying to make a point as well.

Enjoy or not the choice is yours. 😉 

P.S.  As always any missed punctuation wrong words or incorrect spelling is not the fault of my editors. The fault rests solely with me!

Editor's Notes:

I like this piece. I agree with you. 

Purple is a colour that I dearly love.

and on occasion, I wear it in public.

I am married to the person I truly love, and HE loves me just as much. We have been together for more than 52 years, and as of Sept. 7th we will have been together for 53 years.

I think we might be able to make our relationship work. 

Darryl the Radio Rancher