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November 25, 2020: Happy Birthday Boudreaux!
Posted by Myke D.

Happy Birthday, Boudreaux!

Also, Challenge Accepted!

I hope you had a great day, and I hope you have a safe Holiday! Are you old enough yet to have to count the rings in order to see how old you are?

Check out Boudreaux's newest chapter here - Lagniappe

I've got a few surprises for everyone, but we're going to start with the newest addition to the Dragon Earl Universe: Myka's Quest!

Finally, check out the newest chapter of Commander Kid written by our illustrious site owner Jeff P!

Make sure all of you send Bourdreaux birthday wishes!


November 25, 2020: It's Boudreaux's Birthday!!!
Posted by JeffsFort

Not only is he celebrating his Birthday right before the upcoming holiday, but he brought us a present! So I think it's only fair to take that as a Birthday Challenge!

For Boudreaux's Birthday, I will put a present on the pile and release Chapter Three of my newest story "Commander Kid" a day earlier than planned. I was gonna post it as "Turkey Day Dressing" but this is way cooler!

So Happy Birthday to one of "Jeff's Fort's" longest-running authors. Anyone else like to accept the challenge? I mean, he did kinda throw down the gauntlet here... LOL!

November 25, 2020: Happy My Birthday!
Posted by Boudreaux

It's my birthday today, but I'm giving you all the present: a new chapter of Lagniappe.  There is a big surprise for Baker Sugarman in this chapter, and we learn a bit about his past as well.  Hope you enjoy this chapter.  

November 20, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 208
Posted by JeffsFort

Oh my god... If you are anything like me, this has become hell at this point. I stay up way too late, can't get to sleep when I need to, oversleep, and then try to come up with any reason I can to eliminate, shorten, or even put off working. Sure, it doesn't work but I dread work now way more than I did when I had to get up, get dressed, and commute to a workplace. I can slack off right up to the last minute, and I do, but it's getting out of control. I've been getting all my news now from Seth Myers and his "Closer Look" segment simply because I can't stomach the actual news anymore and let's face it, he has no reason to exaggerate what's going on so, may as well skip the careful news media and just listen to someone willing to throw it out there.

Anyway, I work in a few minutes and was wasting time on YouTube and just listened to a two part quarantine parody from Penn Holderness... This is the second part to the set but, the beginning made me laugh out loud so, it's my highlight today:

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