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July 16, 2018: Message from True’s Fandom...
Posted by JeffsFort

In Memory of Trevor

For those of you who weren't aware, my grandson Trevor was abducted on May 1 of this year. The end of this saga was tragic for our family. I wanted to create something in his memory to help in some way for others to possibly avoid this happening to them or someone they love.

I went to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's site and set up a fundraiser campaign in Trevor's Name.... Here's the link.

All donations go directly to the Centers. All donations go directly to the NCMEC.


Thank You,


July 9, 2018: Dear Diary 32 has been edited
Posted by Boudreaux

The middle aged (I am not old) blond Cajun forgot that some people have trouble reading the voices in my head, so I have gone back through and added bootboxes to all of the Cajun dialect and Georges speak dialogue.  Hope this helps y'all.  Laissez les bon temps roullez.  That one you can just look up if you don't already know.  tongue-out

July 8, 2018: Lagniappe! It's a whole new story again!
Posted by Boudreaux

That's right, I have started another new story, and yes it is not only connected to Louisiana, it is set in New Orleans.  I will try my best to limit the dialect affecting the dialogue however.  I hope you all enjoy this new work.  This one is really special to me.  For those that don't know, the title can be roughly translated to mean "a little something extra."

July 8, 2018: Dear Diary 32
Posted by Boudreaux

Yes, Dear Diary has been updated.  This is a humdinger of a chapter though, so be forewarned.  There are lines of dialogue from all of the wildest, craziest characters in my division.  I'm not sure if our esteemed Clan Archivist (aka my editor) will recover.  He seemed to indicate in the negative when he sent the chapter back to me for posting, so in case I need a new editor the position now requires a prescription for valium.  If I don't need a new editor, he may need donations to help pay for his valium.  Anyway, you have been warned.  Read at your own risk.

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