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October 11, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 167
Posted by JeffsFort

There are times That I am really productive. Site work, production work, work work, story work... I just work myself out until I get to a point where my brain just flips me the middle finger and I can no longer accomplish anything productive. What goes on in my brain when that happens?

Here's an example: 11 minutes, 58 seconds of absolutely nonsensical, hilarious in a lonely brain cell kinda way, completely stupefied, surfed YouTube for three hours, and have this to show for


October 7, 2020: Sally tried her best but I was not blown off the face of the planet.
Posted by Boudreaux

I would have posted these two new chapters much sooner, but a minor little disagreement with Mother Nature by the name of Sally blew into town and knocked me back to the dark ages, literally for four days, and Internet didn't get restored for three weeks.  It's back now, though, which means so am I.  To celebrate that return, have new chapters of Lagniappe and Fantasy Faire.  Hope you enjoy them.

October 1, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 158
Posted by JeffsFort

Well, since Myke called me out on it, let's focus on this again. LOL! One hundred and fifty-eight frickin days! Since Day one I have taken over the spare room in the house like I was some sort of pirate, run a network line to run two computers up here, had an old dumpy windows machine shipped from Ohio and a semi-decent monitor shipped from Colorado to run next to an 8-year-old MacBook Pro and a couple of iPads making the desk look like a frickin cockpit where I do my job and build websites, maintain our servers and finally start writing again. Then I bought a brand new MacBook Pro and pay much bigger bills because of it and with it. I've restored a couple of antiques that are worth absolutely nothing to anyone but me and, I post ridiculous things I find that give me a cheap laugh.

For 158 days. I may phone it in tomorrow now :)

Here's some awe-inspiring stuff from Ryan Reynolds... Enjoy!

September 30, 2020: The Devil Checks his Thermometer!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone!

So, I've heard some sidelines chatter about how busy I've been and how little I write. Yeah, I caught some of it and I point no fingers but, if you bet that I was done writing then you may have lost some money.

Yes, I have been struggling to get a couple of unfinished projects going again. It happens to us all at some point or another. I was always told that if you want to get over a case of writer's block, you need to do something else. Start another idea, work on another project, just switch gears. As some of you know, I have a file loaded with "Ideas" for stories that I read through every once in a while when I just get stuck to see if anything starts to push me forward. Well, one of the ideas gave me a violent shove and the keyboard is cursing me out again. The new story is called "Commander Kid" and begins following a small kid named Jack who is not in an ideal situation in a place where it seems pretty much hopeless if you need help...unless you get lucky. I hope you all enjoy it :)


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