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May 16, 2018: Twists of Time 7
Posted by Boudreaux

Twists of Time chapter 7 is live and ready, and comes with a few extra twists, and this is only the beginning.  I hope you enjoy it.

May 11, 2018: Double Whammy from the Cajun
Posted by Boudreaux

Two new chapters have been posted for your reading leisure.  Fantasy Faire chapter 5 and Gifts chapter 2 are both now live and waiting for you.  Hope you enjoy them and don't get too mad at me for such a depressing common theme in both chapters this close to Mother's Day.

May 6, 2018: Urgent Announcement to our Community...
Posted by JeffsFort

We knew this day was eventually going to come.

Back in 2004, bulletin boards and forums just like the one we used for years at, were the hubs of some pretty awesome communities. Some communities still remain active as there are few replacements for the kind of interaction that they allowed but in our case, we're evolving. Unfortunately, that has rendered the gift that August Christopher gave us obsolete. News has been carried in from our new website RSS feeds, and once in a while, there will still be a wave of old skool foolishness from our fictional characters. So, what's going on now and how is that going to change?

Sadly, the lifetime license that was purchased for our forums is no longer being honored by Invision Power Services. For a community that relies solely on the generosity of it's supporting family, that became a game changer. In response to this situation, the websites got completely overhauled. The ability to communicate with each other was programmed into the custom Content Management System (CMS) that our own Akeentia designed and thanks to one of our newest site owner "TrueFan" we now interact on a Discord server in real time. Email comes in just as it once did and even though we didn't want to admit it to ourselves, the forum's have simply become a huge archive of a time that has passed us by. Now that the software is no longer supported, we needed to make a change. So, change is on the way.

In development right now is a new hub for the Fort Family Community. You can take a look at it here: News announcements and links to your favorite sites and stories will be available in one stop. Newest chapter postings are already being displayed in one convenient location giving you a place to keep up with all the current releases, just like you could from the old forum. In the near future, Akeentia will be releasing more features that will give us other ways to share feedback and interact as we once did in posts. This time, it will be on software that isn't going to suddenly become unsupported. What were they thinking anyway? <grin>

So where does that leave the old forum? Very soon we will need to perform an upgrade on our server. It's an upgrade that will make it impossible for us to continue running the forum. So, late spring, early summer; the Fort Family Community's face will become that of our custom designed community that is tied into all of our sites with all the additions that are in development now. We'll do our best to keep all of you up to date with our final upgrade schedule but, it will most likely all happen pretty quickly once the trigger has been pulled.

For now, take a wander through the topics that have collected over the years. Take screen captures, copy text from posts, take a really good look around. Soon the old girl will be archived with all the old versions of our websites and old projects that once in a while we like to dust off and poke through like an old photo album. (By request, the new community will be male. Some of the owners think that will mean we won't have as many problems with it :7) May the new community meet with everyone's approval. (It kinda has too though.. LOL! Our hands are tied on this decision...)

Thank you August! For 14 years that old forum did exactly what you had hoped it would. May the new community that Akeentia is designing meet with your approval.


The Story Lover
...and each and every person who has ever served our family as a moderator, staff or even as an admin. 

April 30, 2018: Photos Chapter 2 is live
Posted by Boudreaux

Photos in the Mall 2 is up so any of you wondering what I was talking about in the Intro as to how the story will be presented can get a better idea now, I hope.  Please feel free to give me feedback on this one since it is a new concept.

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