The Hidden Past

Chapter Four

The bus arrived and we rode it to school. When we arrived there, Christopher was waiting for us.

"Hey guys," was all he said, he keep looking down.

"Hi Chris," we both said at the same time.

"Adrian, I'm sorry about yesterday, I should have kept my temper. I'm sorry."

"Thanks," was all I said, I really didn't know what to say.

After that day our friendship just grew. We spend most of our time together. The end of the week was approaching fast, it was Friday that Christopher showed his calmness, it was eerie actually.

"Christopher! Where are you?" I ran in his little shop yelling his name.

"Adrian, what is it?" he said coming out of the backroom.

"It’s Jeremy! Someone dragged him into the woods behind the school!" I said, panting after running all this time.

"Damn! Go get the school police officer! I hope he’s alright," he said taking off; the last part was to himself mostly.

I ran to the Police Office in the school and told them what was happening.

I ran as fast as I could in the woods, looking around, trying to locate them. I know some of these woods quite well, as I’ve seen most of it on my mountain bike. Then I heard some noise. I followed the sounds to a little clearing not far from where I was.

"Stop thrashing around and follow me!" a voice said.

"No! Let me go!" I heard Jeremy’s voice.

As I approached, I saw Jeremy and another student at the school. I didn’t quite recognize him, but I had that sensation that I knew him. I silently followed them to a little stream, in about a hundred meters from the clearing.

"Let me go!" yelled Jeremy, still trying to get free, but the other boy was too strong for him.

I continue to follow them slowly, I didn’t want them to hear me or see me, at least not yet. Then the other guy took Jeremy by the arm and slammed him on a tree. Jeremy crashed down, rubbing his arm.

"Look, you little faggot, I need something and you are going to help me," the guy said.

I saw the look of horror on Jeremy’s face, that guy was going to beat him or worst and I couldn’t let that happen, so I stepped up closer so they could see me.

"Let him go now," I said calmly.

"Oh and what are you going to do, what are you, his boyfriend?" he asked.

"Just let him go," I said, stepping forward.

I don’t think that he noticed when I shifted my body weight on my right leg, stabilizing myself and lowering my gravity center. He moved closer to me with clenched fists. That is when I noticed a flash in the woods.

"What do you think you will do?" he asks smirking.

"I don’t want to fight you," I said softly.

"Oh and you think you are a match against me?" he asked grinning.

"Maybe, but if I have to, I’ll stand my ground, let him leave, now," I said even calmer.

I know that I needed to stay calm and to not panic. I never liked to fight and I never believed that violence was the answer to any conflict, but I know that sometimes, to protect someone, you need to step on your morals and a promise.

"Jeremy, go now," I said.


I could clearly see that Jeremy was afraid and he was silently crying, looking at me. The student leaned backward and was going to hit me, but I was faster and dodge the hit by leaning on my left, seeing he was right-handed. While he was in motion, I grabbed his wrist and, twisting it, I sent him into a flip on his back. After that he was furious, he was back on his feet and tried yet again to hit me, but this time I leaned on my right and turned; using my foot, I sent him face first into the dirt. That is when I noticed yet another flash coming from the woods.

"Will you stop it, I told you I don’t want to fight you," I said.

I looked at Jeremy, he was smiling and I could see that he was trying hard not to laugh. I looked back at the other student. Getting up he was red with anger and again tried to hit me, but this time he used all is body weight and tried to tackle me, I grab his wrist, but this time I didn’t let it go. I turned it in his back as high as I could without dislocating his shoulder and I used my own weight to slam him hard on the ground, holding his arm.

"Now I said stop, so stop trying to fight me," I said forcefully.

I heard a noise behind me and saw the school police officer coming this way quickly. I decided to let go of the student and I stood up, brushing the dirt off my pants. The guy didn’t even realize that the officer was here and tried yet again to hit me, but this time the officer was right on him and grabbed him by the arm. I ran to Jeremy and grabbed him in a hug.

"Are you OK?" I asked him.

He just smiled and murmured, "Yeah, thanks," and hugged me harder, burying his head in my chest, I looked around to where I thought the flash came from. Adrian arrived not long after and hugged Jeremy, asking him if he was all right. The Officer asked us to follow him and he was still holding the offending student. We followed them to the school. He asked us to wait in his office while he took the student into a holding room. Jeremy was telling Adrian how I was able to stop the other guy.

"You should have seen him! He moved fast and sent him to the ground three times!" Jeremy said.

"Wow. Chris, I didn’t know you knew how to fight," Adrian said looking at me.

"I don’t, but I know self-defense," I said softly.

"Bullshit, Chris!" Jeremy said.

"Don’t say that." I said grinning.


"Anyway guys, I was only protecting myself."

After that the police Officer asked us questions, well to Jeremy and me. Jeremy related what happened and, being one who was technically fighting, I just added comments here and there. The police Officer just told me that he won’t say a thing against me because I didn’t try to hit the other student, but simply held him down to protect myself. He gave us some late slips and then sent us to our next class, but before I could leave he told me that, off the record, I did a good job and that if I wanted, I could have hit him back to knock him out. I nodded at him and he smiled and waved for me to go.

That afternoon we all meet up at Christopher’s shop and talked about the events of today. He told us that we all needed to talk about it because we could have after effects or psychological effects of the event. Afterward, Christopher’s mother came to drive us home, but we keep the events of the day to ourselves, as Christopher asked us to. When we arrive at Jeremy’s house, we said goodbye and thanks to Christopher’s mother and headed inside.

To Jeremy’s surprise his mother was already there and greeted him with hugs.

"The school police officer called me at work, Jeremy, and I wanted to be here to see that you were all right," she said softly.

"I’m OK Mom. Everything is OK. Christopher helped me a lot."

"Ah yes the friend you made last year, and I would like to meet him one day," she replied simply.

"One day if I can get him to come in with me," he said slyly.

"Jeremy, the Officer told me that the other young man tried to beat you."

"Yes, but Christopher arrived in time to stop him," I said.

"Yes, he told me that Christopher stopped him without even using force," she added.

"He was awesome, Mom! You should have seen it; he never even hit the guy once and sent him down three times!" Jeremy said without taking a breath.

"Jeremy, the Officer also told me what he thought about why the other student wanted..." she said pausing. "He told me that the student called you gay a multiple time. Are you gay, Jeremy?"

Jeremy dropped down on the couch and almost started crying, I went and held him, and his mother just looked at us. She sat down on the sofa in front of us.

"Jeremy, no matter what, I will always love you. You are my son, my blood, and I could never hate you for any reason," she said softly.

"Yes, Mommy, I’m gay and..." he sobbed.

"I am his boyfriend," I added.

"Really? Well then, that means you’re my son-in-law!" she added smiling.

I was shocked! She looked strict, yet she accepted us so well and even called me her "son-in-law". Jeremy just looked at his mother with a shocked expression. She laughed and told him that she always knew; that every mother knows these things about their children, and that she was happy that he finally told her, even if she needed to confront him. She told us to go away while she prepared the dinner, we both laughed and headed to his room.

When we walked in his room, I kissed him and he returned the kiss passionately. I could feel electricity going through my body, in every fiber of my being. We slowly, still kissing, moved to his bed and sat down. After a few minutes I needed some air and broke the kiss.

"I was scared today when I saw him grab you," I said softly, holding back some tears.

"I was too and I didn’t know what he wanted. I was so scared I couldn’t move anymore."

"Thanks to Christopher, you weren’t hurt," I added.

We both continued to kiss a few more minutes. After today’s events, we needed to relax and take it slow. We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms. We were awakened by Jeremy’s mother, telling us that diner was almost ready and to call my mother to tell her that I could sleep here tonight, if I wanted to. After she left the room we kissed and he headed to the bathroom while I got to the phone and called my mother.

"Hello," my mother said on the line.

"Hi Mom, its Adrian."

"Adrian, I had a phone call today from the School Officer, I must say that I’m happy you did the right thing."

"Thanks, Mom. It was pretty scary for a bit. Mom, Jeremy’s mother invited me to stay for the night, can I stay?" I asked.

"It’s ‘May I stay’ and yes you may stay," she said.

"Thanks Mom," I replied happily.

"I want to talk to Jeremy’s mother please."

"Sure one sec."

I gave the phone to Jeremy’s mother and headed to the kitchen where she had finished dinner and where Jeremy was waiting for me. I told him that my mother said yes and that now she was talking to his mother. We waited for her to finish and come eat with us. After dinner we all helped to clean the kitchen and headed in the living room to watch a little TV. After about thirty minutes the doorbell rang, Jeremy got up to answer to the door. I was surprised to see my mom enter the living room, I greeted her and hugged her, and she gave me a bag with my stuff for the night and tomorrow. They asked us to leave them and go to Jeremy’s room while they talked between adults, and to tell you the truth, sometimes they think we are stupid or too young. We left them alone and headed to Jeremy’s room and prepared for bed. Jeremy left the room to go tell his mother that we will take a shower, and I heard them laugh and when Jeremy came back in the room he was red.

"Our moms said to make sure we both wash each other well," he said.

"Umm… do you… do you want to take a shower together?" I asked blushing.

"Sure, why not? And our moms know, so I think it would be nice," he said, leaning closer to kiss me.

We headed to the bathroom holding hands. Jeremy closed the door while I started to undress. But he stopped me and told me that he wanted to do it if it was okay with me. I told him that it was all right only if I could do the same for him. He started to undo my belt, taking it off and grabbed my pants zipper and slowly unzipped it. When he unbuttoned them and let them fall to the floor, he leaned in and kissed me. He broke the kiss and grabbing my shirt, lifting it over my head, and I took my socks off by myself using my feet, while we kissed. He started to lower my boxers, but I stopped him. He looked at me and I leaned in to kiss him and undo his pants; I let them drop to the floor. I then helped him out of his shirt; we were now in only our boxers. I started to kiss him and hug him and at the same time I grabbed his boxers and lowered them, till it fell to the floor, and he did likewise with mine at the same time.

Very naked now, Jeremy broke the kiss and started the shower. He adjusted the water to a comfortable heat and we both hopped in the shower, closing the curtain. He grabbed the soap and started washing me softly, lovingly. I never thought that being washed could be so… sensual. He grabbed the shampoo and started to massage my head. After I rinsed myself, he looked at me as though asking permission—I just nodded. He grabbed the soap, foaming his hands he dropped it on the bath floor, he leaned in and while kissing me, he grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down, really washing it good. After a few minutes I was breathing heavily. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching. In one heavy groan in Jeremy’s mouth I started to shudder and cum, Jeremy had to hold me from falling on the floor. It was a powerful one, the best I had in my short life.

"Oh god, Jeremy," I said panting.

He just smiled and leaned in to kiss again, I was happy to oblige. I grabbed the soap on the bathtub soap holder and started to wash Jeremy like he had done to me. After rinsing, I took the shampoo and proceeded to wash and massage his head. Then I grabbed the soap bar and foaming my hands, I started to rub, wash, and pleasure my boyfriend, kissing him softly. It took him a few minutes to start trembling and then his orgasm hit him, I could feel his dick expanding in my hand just before he started cumming, he groaned in my mouth. I tried the best I could to hold him, but he was heavy and I had to ask him to try and hold onto the wall.

"Oh Adrian, I love you so much," he said breathing heavily.

"I love you too, Jeremy, more than anything in life. You are my life, my reason."

I could see tears forming in his eyes. He didn’t say a word; he looked me in the eyes then hugged and kissed me. He shut off the shower and grabbed a towel and dried me lovingly, I did likewise for him, and then putting the towels around our waist we headed to his room to put on boxers, T-shirts. We made our way downstairs to join our mothers.

"Well boys at least you both smell good," my mother said grinning.

"I hope you didn’t use all the hot water," Jeremy’s mother added.

We both blushed, badly, almost glowing red. My mother decided that she had to go shortly after that. I kissed her good night and she gave the "be good monologue". Then Jeremy and I said our goodnights to Jeremy’s mother and headed to Jeremy’s room. We kissed and cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, I woke up with Jeremy almost laying on me. I was trapped under him and could feel his morning wood poking me in the side. He was laying on my left with his left arm and leg over me, as though he had rolled over that way in the night. His face was in my neck, I could feel his breath on my neck, and it felt so warm I didn’t want to move, but my bladder decided that I should get up. Frankly, I didn’t know how I was going to get out from under him, I tried to move his limbs, but each time he would groan and move closer to me. So, I started sucking and nibbling his ear lobe, after a few seconds he started to come back to life.

"Hey, stop it," he said whispering.

"I need to go to the bathroom, baby, or I could always wet your bed and you at the same time," I said giggling.

"Don’t you dare!" He sounded more awake now.

He rolled off of me and I bolted to the bathroom to take care of my nature’s call. When I came back in, he was lying on his back and the covers were at the foot of the bed, he was grinning. I then noticed the tent in his boxers and made my way to him and sat down on the bed, I slowly reached for his wood and rubbed it through his boxers. He took a heavy breath and smiled at me, I continued to rub him until he said that he needed to go to the bathroom too. When he came back he laid down on me, looking into my eyes like he was searching for my soul. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him softly on the lips. The passionate kiss was broken by a knock on the door.

"Boys, when you are finished, come eat your breakfast, it’s almost ready," Jeremy’s mother said through the door.

"We should get washed a little and go eat before it gets cold," Jeremy said, panting. And he was blushing because I could feel his excitement poking me in the groin.

I nodded and followed him in the bathroom to wash our hands and face and make sure we were presentable. We shared a kiss before heading downstairs where Jeremy’s mother was waiting for us and finishing the breakfast.

"Well, it’s about time you two love birds decide to come down," she told us grinning, making us blush.

We took our seats, almost sitting on each other, and dug into the wonderful breakfast Jeremy’s mother made. You could say we did honor to being teens as we ate our share of food, enough to feed an army. Afterward we did the dishes, we had to ask his mom to leave it to us about four times, but we did manage to do them by ourselves. Then we headed back upstairs to wash up and put something on for the day. We headed back downstairs and told Jeremy’s mother that we were going to the mall and if she needed anything we could grab it for her, she told us to have a good day and that she didn’t need anything, but she would go by herself if anything came up.

We decided to walk to the mall since it was only twenty minutes away. We talked all the way about what teenage boys usually talked. When we arrived, I was surprise to see Christopher, he just walked to the other end of the mall. I told Jeremy who I had seen and he replied that we should see if we could find him. We walked in the mall, not really to buy anything, but just to hang out and talk. When we passed a store I saw Christopher in it.

"Hey Jeremy, look," I said pointing to Christopher in the store.

"Let’s go see him," Jeremy replied, going into the store. We walked to where Christopher was. He seemed to be arguing with a man.

"I told you no, I’m not going to do it. OK?" he said.

"You have to Chris, you know you will regret it!" the other guy told him.

We remained hidden so that Christopher couldn’t see us, we watched as their discussion became more and more agitated. Then the other guy pushed Christopher, not very hard, but enough to make him lose his balance and step back a few feet, Christopher clenched his fist, but looking around, his gaze stopped almost where we were hiding. He relaxed his hand and stormed out, passing right beside us.

"What just happened?" Jeremy said, looking blankly at me.

"I don’t know." I felt uneasy like someone was watching us.

"I never saw Chris like that, especially almost raising a fist," he said looking almost scared.

"Let’s try to find Christopher and ask him what’s going on," I said, pulling on Jeremy’s light coat, looking around me. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me.

We tried to find him. We search everywhere in the mall, but we couldn’t find him. Jeremy even suggested looking for a music store, but again Christopher was nowhere to be found. After about an hour we decided to head back home. When we got outside, Jeremy pulled me.

"Look, there he is." We headed to where Christopher was, this time he was alone.

"Hey Chris," I said.

"I saw you both in the store and now is really not the time," he barked at us.

"Tell us what happened," Jeremy said sternly.

"Guys please, this is way too complex, and I can't tell you." He got up and walked away.

Jeremy tried to follow him, but I held him and told him that he should give Christopher some time for himself. We headed back home silently wondering what happened today.

When we arrived at Jeremy’s house we pondered the weird behavior of Christopher. For my part, I thought it was none of our business and that we shouldn't get ourselves involved, after all, if Christopher wanted help, he would ask us to help him. Jeremy thought that we should get involved and help Chris even if he didn’t ask us. To make his point more valid, he told me that Chris wasn’t the type to ask for help. On that I had to agree with him, so we decided to confront Christopher Monday at school.

After an hour of talking, I was getting famished, so we made a small snack so as to not stuff ourselves too much before dinner time. Just after we ate the snack, Jeremy’s mother called to tell us that she wouldn't be able to be at home until late that night because of some problem at her work. It’s sad but true, some people have to work on the weekend. She also told Jeremy that he could order a pizza and to take the money from the emergency money. That money was there in case something like that happened. The first thought I had was we have the house for ourselves for a couple of hours. I think that Jeremy had the same thought, because after hanging up the phone he turned and smiled at me, not just a smile, but an evil smile. I then ran upstairs with Jeremy hot on my heels. When he finally caught me, we were in his room, we fell on his bed and he started kissing me, I started to put up a fight, but the feeling of his lips on mine was enough to make me fall totally into it.

After a few minute of making out, I felt his dick starting to poke me in the groin, which in turn made mine react the same way. While kissing me, he was starting to undress me, first off, my T-shirt went flying to the floor, followed by his. Then he started kissing me lower and everywhere on my body, making me squirm and gasp for air as his tongue licked all of my sensitive areas. He went up and kissed the hollow part of my neck, whispering my name and other sweet words. I was in a total bliss and he was part of it. I felt so loved and wanted that a tear fell from the corner of my eye, but Jeremy saw it and stop doing what he was doing.

"Did I hurt you? Oh god, I hope I didn’t, I’m sorry!" he said panicking.

I looked at him smiling and grabbing him in a hug, I whispered, "No you didn’t hurt me, these are tears of happiness. I’m just so happy. I love you, Jeremy." And I kissed him with all the love in my heart. I then rolled us so that he was on his back and me laying on him. I then started kissing his neck.

"I love you too, Adrian," Jeremy whispered in my ear.

After almost a half hour later of laying down, almost on each other, we went to take a shower together, lovingly washing each other completely. Amazingly, we both stayed soft the entire time we were in the shower, not really wanting to break the romantic situation. We kissed a lot, though, and caressed each other for so long that the water was becoming cold. When Jeremy turned the water off, he told me to stay there while he fetched the towels. When he returned, he lovingly dried me, and then he dried himself before ushering me to his bedroom. Grabbing my boxer and t-shirt, he helped me into them before dressing himself.

When he finished, we went downstairs to get the pizza restaurant phone number to call for the pizza. He also ordered some soda to go with it, since his mother only bought soda for occasions like this one. Since it would take about 25 minutes after we ordered it, we sat in the living room to wait for it. Once settled in he asked me, "What do you think happened today at the mall with Chris? It was weird." He looked very thoughtfull

"I don’t really know, Jer, but I guess the guy wanted him to do something and Chris didn’t want to do it. That’s really my only guess."

"Well, I don’t know what we can do to help Christopher. I mean we don’t even know what’s going on, so until we know, we can’t really decide," he stated.

"I agree, but we should let Chris decide if he wants a helping hand. If not, we shouldn’t pry about it."

"I guess you’re right, but I would hate not being able to help him after all he done for us, even if it’s indirectly."

"I know, I feel the same way," I said, leaning in to kiss Jeremy.

The doorbell rang just has we parted and Jeremy went to get the money to pay for the Pizza while I grab my bathrobe and answered the door to grabbed our dinner from the delivery guy. After Jeremy gave me money to pay and I gave a good tip to the delivery guy, he joined me in the living room with plates to eat and watch TV. We found a good movie on the movie network and watch it while feeding each other. Jeremy got up and told me he was going to grab something in the kitchen that he forgot. I wondered what he could have forgotten, when he came back with a very small bowl and a salad dressing bottle. Now I was really curious.

"Caesar Salad dressing?" I looked at him skeptically.

"Yeah I’ve been doing this for a long time with my mom, you just dip the pizza in the dressing and eat it like that. It’s very good," he replied, putting some dressing in the little bowl.

"Hey, is it like what Pizza Hut® does?" I asked.

"Yeah they started doing this not long ago, but I always did that with my mom."

I tried dipping my pizza to taste it, but when I was about to put the piece in my mouth, Jeremy decided to softly hit my arm up, putting salad dressing all over my nose. He was laughing loudly; I decided to put some on him too, so I dipped my finger in the dressing and tapped my finger on his nose. He stopped laughing and looked at me, slowly approaching me and then he licked my nose. He giggled and I licked his nose too. We continued to eat and watch the movie that was playing.

After eating one extra-large with two liters of soda and having put all the trash away and dishes in the sink, we headed to his room to watch a little more TV while cuddling together in his bed. At about nine thirty I was yawning more and more, so Jeremy and I went to the bathroom and prepare for bed. Back in his room we laid under the cover.

To be continued…