The Legends of Blood - Part Three: Prisoners

Cast List

Volume One Cast


Evan Bentley - 17 - Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Constantly thinks about the effect that his actions have on his younger brother

Ethan Bentley - 15 - Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Looks up to Evan as a role model

Cynthia Bentley - 37 - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Loves her children and is distraught without them

Eugene Bentley - 41 - Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Works for the CIA, Has thousands of secrets but only one of them that will destroy his family

Patricia Bentley - 62 - Gray Hair, Blue Eyes, She is a mysterious woman that is loved by all of her grandchildren

Mason Bentley - 43 - Black hair, Blue Eyes, Has been struggling with his son's illness, Works for the CIA, Eugene's older brother

Tatum Bentley - 15 - Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Dying from cancer


Albert Croft - 48 - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Deputy Director of Section-9, Only cares about his own career

Sarah Young - 24 - Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes, Agent Croft's assistant

Jon Wells - Appears 28 - Brown Hair, Silver Eyes, Vows to help Evan in his journey

Richard Spicer - Appears 19 - Brown Hair, Silver Eyes, One of Jon's pack members

Tyler Coves - Appears 17 - Black Hair, Red Eyes, Wants Evan to fail


Marcel Thompson - Appears 55 - Gray Hair, Red Eyes, The supposed leader of the Thompson Coven

Leslie Thompson - Appears 28 - Strawberry Blonde Hair, Red Eyes, Dedicated to the cause

Nikolas Thompson - Appears 17 - Brown Hair, Red Eyes, Doesn't trust newborns

Dylan Thompson - 16 - Blonde Hair, Red Eyes, Doesn't like what he has become


David Hunter - Appears 41 - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Teaches World History and runs the after-school class

Justin Hunter - 16 - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Ethan's love interest                


Lulu - Appears 26 - Black Hair, Red Eyes, Owner of 'Lulu's Hideaway'

Leonard - 27 - Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Works for Lulu

Angel - The Creator of the Underworld

Felix - Lusindra's grandfather

Dante - A nomad that helps the Alliance

Juliette Howards - 36 - Ethan's Therapist


Jenna Holbrook - 17 - Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, High School Student, Was Evan's best friend

Kevin - 17 - Jenna's love interest


Isabella - One of Sonya's Guard

Adam - Sonya's Guard sent to get Ethan

Oscar - One of Sonya's Guard

Vincent - Guards the newborns for Sonya


Jackson - Leader of the Werewolves

Jasmine - Jackson's wife

Diego - Jackson's Second



Vampire Elders: