Mother's Gift

Chapter 3

My next class was Physical Education or P.E. for short. This was the class I dreaded the most, even more than Biology. I was not into sports at all. I was terrible at all of them. I was mostly nervous about the showers. I had not been naked in front of another person since I was potty trained. I was terrified that I wouldn't be as developed as the other guys. I mean they might have more hair than I did. I know there are guys out there who claim to have had a full set… down there… at my age, but I was just getting started.

My preoccupation with Cole was only the latest strange change to me by surprise. I had been having really weird dreams. In them, I would find myself at school, in the mall, or other public places naked. The girls in these visions never seemed to notice that I had no clothes on, but the guys always did. At first, the boys would just say something about me being naked. I would wake up suddenly, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

Over time the dreams began to change, though. One in particular had been extremely intense. In it, I was in the mall naked, but this time so was everyone else. They didn't notice that they were nude only that I was. The girls laughed and pointed at me. The strange part was that their bodies were completely asexual and colorless. There was no gender or color at all from the neck down. The boys all had the same body. I could see their genitals plainly and they were exactly like mine. A group of girls surrounded me making fun of me. A guy approached and chased the girls away. He told me not to let them bother me because they were just jealous. I asked why. He said they wanted my penis. Then he touched me… there. My eyes shot open and I was instantly aware of a wet sticky feeling in my crotch. I was so ashamed of myself that I started crying. Dad heard me and came to my room.

He told me to take a bath while he got some clean sheets. We changed the bed linens, and then he tucked me back in like he had when I was a little kid and sat down beside me. We had a long talk about what had really happened to me. I didn't tell him that a boy touched me in the dream, only that I was naked in the mall and so was everyone else, and I woke up all wet. He explained to me that all boys have those dreams, even him. He told me that I would keep having the dreams, but that I wouldn't always make a mess of myself. He told that it was a sign that I was growing up. I didn't care about growing up; I just didn't want to wet the bed anymore.

That had happened over a year ago, but it was still the only wet dream I had that was so intense I had to change the sheets. I had plenty that required fresh pajamas, though. They were practically an every night occurrence by the time I started high school. In fact, my penis seemed to have developed a mind of its own. It got hard sometimes for no reason at all.

As I was standing in the locker room, listening to the coach lecture us about hygiene, it was starting to firm up again. As I squirmed around trying to hide it, I saw that several of the others seemed to have the same problem. The coach noticed it too.

"Now boys, I have been coaching a long time and there is one thing I want to make perfectly clear," Coach Smits announced to us. "All boys your age are nervous about showering in a group. The thing is no one in this room has anything between his legs that anyone else doesn't. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but they are all the same thing and they all do the same thing. They pee and they get hard. It's just part of nature." He paused to give an evil eye to several of the boys who giggled at this. "That means that I won't put up with any whiney little momma's boys running up to me to complain that someone will see them in their altogether. Boys are boys, and all boys look at each other, whether it's the wimpy ones or the tough ones. I also don't want to hear that somebody is being picked on for sprouting wood in the shower. That don't mean he's a fag. It just means that he has hormones, just like the rest of you." With that said, he continued the tour of the gymnasium.

I felt a little better after the coach made his little speech. I felt a lot better when he said we wouldn't have to dress out the first day. I think a lot of the other boys did too. They certainly acted more relaxed. The class finally ended and I headed for Biology.

To Be Continued ...